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Interstate 4

Connecting Central Florida's East Coast and West Coast

Friday July 20, 2018

If you need to go from Orlando to Daytona Beach the Interstate 4 or Highway I-4 is the most direct and usually the quickest way to this crowded Florida sandlot. Daytona has lost it's appeal to many Florida tourist as it's become the hub of Florida partiers and not the quiet beachtown of yesteryear. Bike Week, Spring Break, NASCAR and a miriad of other attractions from putt putt golf and waterslides has turned this beachtown into a parking lot of tourism.

Traveling from Orlando to Daytona on Highway I-4 can be a breeze one hour and a nightmare of traffic congestion at other times. It seems everyone wants to go to the beach or to Orlando whether it's a commute to work or a day of sunbathing. Interstate 4 was a necessity, but with Florida becoming the next place to be in the United States our growing population is quickly catching up with the whole continent of Australia at 28 million.

Interstate 4 (I-4) is a 132.298-mile-long (212.913 km) Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Florida, along a southwest–northeast axis from I-275 in Tampa to I-95 at Daytona Beach. The entirety of I-4 overlaps nearly the entirety of State Road 400 (SR 400), which extends as a contiguous, signed 4.216-mile (6.785 km) surface street in Daytona Beach from I-95 to US Highway 1 (US 1, also SR 5). I-4 has no auxiliary Interstate Highway spurs or loops; however, it intersects several tolled expressways—designated as state roads—that serve as spur and partial loop routes in the Orlando metropolitan area, which (unlike most major U.S. cities) lacks any auxiliary interstate highways.

Sleepier and better beaches can be found north and south of Interstate four in the Palm Coast and New Smyrna Beaches, but traveling those roads less traveled will require the person to get off the beaten path of interstate travel and take an adventure to beaches less crowded.

If you're traveling across the state from either Daytona or Tampa you'll inevitably need to use Interstate 4 or (I-4) that goes thru Orlando, Florida.

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Author Captain Richard Bradley

Captain Richard Bradley is the author and contributor for many of the articles written on the Lagooner website. Richard is a professional fishing guide, taking anglers in his native waters near the Banana and Mosquito Lagoons on Florida's central east coast almost three hundred trips seasonally. When not charter fishing, Captain Richard enjoys time with his family surfing, fishing, camping and various other outdoor activities.

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